About us

scale International Decor is an interior fit out company packed with well experienced proffessionals, located in Ajman New industrial area- UAE.Our views come from the heart as we believe it is the only way to create, design and produce new spaces for a contemporary environment.We are in a new world which everything has changed and still changing and we believe that a moment of relaxation is enough to fill your day with positive energy.That is why we are here..We love to bring new ideas and design to life...We love decor...We do decor...

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                                                               Our Mission

Closer to perfection, our challenge is to meet the needs of changing market, to improve every day, and grow side by side with you , creating excellent living environment in the society. We invest our time and knowledge in the constant improvement of our services as a basis of our mission to become a leading décor maker in the market. The company’s commitment to its mission can be seen through products and material evolution and continuous improvement on quality with a long standing resolution to provide superior customer service before and after. Careful attention is given through each step of the process from product selection and specification to turn key. Our challenge is to build you what you dream. We are very proud to be with you as behind every one of our projects is a team of professionals that ensures your satisfaction.


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